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Activities of Practical Life - 24 month

Transferring with pipette


Objective: Promote fine motor skills and handling of pipette

Material: Pipette*, 2 glasses, water, food coloring

Preparation: The water is colored with the food coloring and filled into one of the two glasses. The filled glass is placed on the left, the empty glass on the right on the tray. The pipette is placed in between.

Execution: The child holds the pipette in the left glass and fills it by pressing on the blue ball. Then the child empties the pipette into the right glass. This is repeated until the left glass is empty and the right glass is full. Then the glasses are exchanged and the pipette is placed back on the tray.

Transferring with pipette
First sewing

First sewing


Objective: Promote fine motor skills and tweezers grip, as well as a first approach to sewing

Material: Threading game from Vertbaudet*

Preparation: The strings and animals are placed next to each other on the tray.

Execution: The child chooses a string and a wooden figure and starts to thread the string up and down through the animal. When the child is finished, the string is pulled back out of the animal and both are placed back on the tray.

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