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Cognitive Perception - 24 month

Occupy snake


Objective: Promote memory skills

Material: Paper, felt pens, foam rubber circles*, laminator*

Preparation: The foam rubber circles are placed in the basket. We used the small circles from the set. A snake is painted on the paper and dots in the colors of the foam rubber circles are painted in the snake. Then the paper with the snake is laminated to last longer.

Execution: The child takes a circle from the basket, names the color and puts it on the matching place on the snake. This is repeated until all points on the snake are covered with foam rubber. Then all of the plates go back into the basket. This exercise can also be assigned to the area of visual perception.

Occupy snakes
Laying shapes

Laying shapes


Objective: Promote memory, shape and color perception

Material: Paper, felt pens, basket, wooden elements*, laminator*

Preparation: A pattern with 6 empty fields is drawn on a DIN A5 paper. This is copied several times for convenience. Then the geometric wooden figures are placed on the paper in the fields and copied. Here, several patterns can be created as laying templates. Afterwards all templates and a paper without traced figures, but with the 6 empty fields, are laminated to last longer.

Execution: The child first chooses a template. Then he or she takes a figure from the basket, names the color and shape of the figure according to his or her level of knowledge, and places it on the corresponding square on the paper with the empty 6 squares. This is repeated until all 4 figures are on the corresponding square and the template has been “copied” by the child.

Who belongs where


Objective: Promote memory skills and learning relationships

Material: Melissa and Doug door puzzle*, basket

Preparation: All magnets are placed in a basket and the basket is placed on a tray together with the empty door game.

Execution: The child takes one magnet after the other from the basket and puts it behind the corresponding door. Not only do the pictures serve as a sorting aid, but the colors of the magnets and matching doors are also identical.
Depending on the stage of development, the child can also explain why he is now putting the magnet behind this door, e.g. “The teddy bear is a present”.

Melissa and Doug door puzzle



Objective: Promote memory skills, shape and color perception

Material: Bambinolük*

Preparation: Open a double page in the Bambinolük booklet and place the Lük box on it so that the child can start the exercise immediately.

Execution: The Lük exercises always work according to the same principle. The six plastic pieces are placed in the corners of the pictures as shown on the top half of the page. Then the child begins by taking the cards off the top and placing them on the bottom half inside the clear box. When all 6 pieces have been placed, the box is closed and turned over. On the back is a pattern, which should then match the solution in the booklet.
There are different exercise books from Lük for different ages with many exciting tasks from 2 years. Comparing objects is the very first start here.

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