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Motor Skills - 8 month

Giant beads in basket


Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination

Material: Basket, colorful wooden beads*

Preparation: The colorful wooden beads, in different shapes and colors are placed in the basket. This can, but does not have to be placed on a tray.

Execution: As soon as small children can lie on their bellies, or even better, sit, you can give them all kinds of baskets to empty. Because babies and toddlers love to clear out baskets. The child explores the colors and shapes of these large colorful beads. Then, they are put back into the basket together with the child.

Large touch puzzle
Stand up doll

Stand up doll


Objective: Eye hand coordination

MaterialGalt stand-up toy*

Preparation: The Galt wooden stand-up toy is placed on the shelf or given to the child either with or without a tray.

Execution: Small children will first “only” grab the little man and try to take it out. Older children will then try to put the figures back or instead of just taking them out, have them lifted out.

Large touch puzzle


Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination and the sense of touch

Material: Feeling puzzle from Eichhorn*

Preparation: The puzzle pieces of the feeling puzzle are placed in the form and either given directly to the child or placed on a tray.

Execution: The child tries to grasp the puzzle pieces without a handle and take them out. In addition, the child can feel the different materials underneath.

Large touch puzzle
Discovery balls basket

Discovery balls basket


Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination and crawling

Material: Discovery balls from Bright Starts*

Preparation: The discovery balls are placed in a basket, which is either placed directly on the shelf or on a tray.

Execution: Small children or babies love to clean out baskets. These balls not only encourage eye-hand coordination, but also the urge to move, because the child will probably start crawling after the balls when they roll away. They also make different sounds when shaken and rolled.

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