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Following Maria Montessori’s educational principle “Help me to help myself.”, you will find exciting activities for your child on our site.

Activity trays.

All activities are clearly presented in the form of an activity tray. Each  tray represents a self-contained activity in which the child independently learns a new skill.

Reference book.

In order to easily and quickly find the right activities for your child, we have clearly sorted all activities by age and activity type. 

But to make clear, the ages are only suggestions and may vary from child to child. So please follow the speed of your child and not only our recommendations.

Grimms Regenbogen klein

Found. With just a few clicks.

Here you will find all activities sorted by age and task area. This saves you a lot of time when searching for suitable activity trays for your child. Simply select the appropriate age or activity field in the navigation bar above and start browsing. But as described already above, the age is only a recommendation, to make it easier for you to find the best suitable activities for your child. Follow your child and not our age recommendations.

Activity trays. Simply found. 


You are one of those parents who want to encourage their child at home with exciting activities based on Montessori principles and are looking for great activity trays and tasks for your child? Then you have come to the right place. We constantly have great new ideas for you, sorted by age and task area, so that you can always offer your child new exciting work material. And the best part? You can find them with just a few clicks, because we have sorted all materials by recommended age and educational objectives.



We want you to be able to reuse the items you have bought or made for the trays not just once, but several times at different ages. For this purpose, we provide you with different trays for different ages with the same items in modified functionality.



Turn old into new.


We always try to present you many possibilities how you can use the same material again and again for different activity trays over the different development stages of your child. In this way you buy the material/toy only once and it will be used for years.

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