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Motor Skills - 4 years

Bend pipe cleaners


Objective: Promote fine motor skills

Material: Paper, felt-tip pens, possibly a laminator*, pipe cleaners for crafting*

Preparation: Draw thick, colorful lines on the paper with the felt-tip pens. Make sure that the lines are about as long as the pipe cleaners and that the design is not too difficult to bend. If a laminator is available, the papers can be laminated, then they do not crumple so quickly and the templates more durable. Then the pipe cleaners and the templates are placed on the tray.

Execution: The child tries to copy the templates as accurately as possible with the pipe cleaners. This is done to make sure that the felt pen lines are no longer visible when the pipe cleaner is placed on top of them. You can start with easy templates, e.g. with less strong corners, and then gradually increase the level of difficulty.

Bend pipe cleaners
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