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Activities of Practical Life

Activities of Practical Life

Doing everyday tasks by themselves.


Through these exercises, toddlers learn to do everyday tasks by themselves. This gives them a higher level of self-confidence, which further promotes their independence from adults.

Even babies try to imitate the facial expressions of us adults. But it is not until the second year of life that imitation becomes more frequent, because children learn primarily through imitation. First role plays, such as cooking in the children’s kitchen and then setting the table, automatically build practical life exercises into the children’s everyday life. Through our tray suggestions, the children should additionally learn real everyday life experiences purposefully.

Maria Montessori had divided the Life Practical Exercises into the following 3 categories:

  • Exercises to care for oneself (e.g. dressing oneself).
  • Exercises for the care of the environment (e.g. hanging up the laundry)
  • Exercises of social life (e.g. role-playing).

For the exercises of social life we do not suggest trays, because this is an interpersonal aspect, which can only be learned through interaction with other people.

Links to pages with mixed practical life exercises tray suggestions, sorted by age, can be found on the one hand in the navigation bar above, and on the other hand below. Again, as with our entire site, ages are only guidelines, as all children develop at their own pace.

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