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Visual perception

Promote shape and color perception.


Children learn to recognize geometric figures independent of color, size and position and to name colors. Later, they should be able to recognize words they have learned in a different font or a foreign text. We can constantly look for new ways to encourage them in these skills.

Scientists have found that children can recognize colors from birth. As early as 4 months, children develop a favorite color, but it is not until the 2nd year of life that visual exploration becomes more important, because then the eye becomes the primary sensory organ. From this time on, unfamiliar objects are less likely to go into the mouth. But when a child is then able to name colors correctly depends heavily on linguistic development.
With our tray suggestions in the category of visual perception, we would like to introduce children primarily to colors and shapes.
Links to the pages with mixed visual perception tray suggestions, sorted by age, can be found on the one hand in the navigation bar above, and on the other hand in the following. Again, as with our entire site, ages are only guidelines, as all children develop at their own pace.

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