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Art Materials - 4 years

Knitting dolly


Ziel: Auge-Hand-Koordination fördern

Material: Knitting dolly*

Preparation: The knitting dolly is prepared by knitting the first rows of wool for the child to have an easy start. There are many instructions for this in the package as well as on the Internet. Then knitting dolly with wool and knitting needle are placed on the tray.

Execution: The child knits a cord as long as he or she wants to have it. This does not have to be done in one unit of work, but can happen over several units of work. Then when it is finished, an adult helps finish and cut it off. Then a new beginning is knitted as in the preparation.

Knitting dolly
Folding ships

Folding ships


Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination

Material: Folding ships Ars Edition* (this is the German Version, it seems like there’s no US Version of this book available)

Preparation: The book and the corresponding paper are placed together on a tray.

Execution: The child chooses a folding template and a matching paper and begins to fold a ship using the template.
Afterwards, the material that has not been used is returned to the tray.

Rainbow scratch paper


Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination and creativity

Material: Scratch paper*

Preparation: The scratch paper is placed on a tray together with the scratch pen.

Execution: The child begins to “paint” a picture on the scratch paper with the pen. The result is a colorful rainbow picture because there is a colorful paper under the black layer. This is something different instead of simply painting with pens on paper.

Rainbow scratch paper

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