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Visual Perception - 10 month

Bead order


Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination and color perception

Material: large colored wooden beads*, colored paper, glue, scissors, small boxes, basket

Preparation: 6 boxes of the same size are glued together. Then cut out 6 square pieces of paper in the colors of the beads and glue them into the boxes. Then 6 large beads, one for each color, are placed in a small basket. This is placed on the tray on the left, with the made shape on the right.

Execution: The child places the large beads in the boxes. One bead in each of the 6 shapes. The beads are then placed back in the basket. Children 18 months and older can put the beads in the right shape sorted by color.

Bead order
Stacking cups

Stacking cup


Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination and shape perception

Material: Fisher Price stacking cups*

Preparation: The stacking cups are put into each other and placed on the tray.

Activity: The child takes the stacking cups apart and tries to put them back together, based on the idea of “what fits into each other”. In this way, children learn their first size relationships.

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