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Motor Skills - 18 month

Threading large beads

Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination and pincer grasp

Material: colorful wooden beads*, cord, basket

Preparation: The colorful wooden beads are placed in the basket. This is placed on the tray. Then a cord is placed to the right of it for threading. If necessary, a thick knot is made at one end of the cord so that the beads cannot “slip through”.

Execution: The child threads the beads onto the cord. When the cord is full, the beads are put back into the basket. Older children can be asked to name the colors of the beads or be given a specific order or color to thread. Here, for example, only the blue beads on the blue cord.
This material is not only for motor skills but can also be used to promote color perception.

Threading large beads
Colorful screwing

Colorful screwing

Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination

Material: Twist and Turnables Wooden Building Block*

Preparation: The screwing blocks are placed on a tray.

Execution: The child unscrews all the screw blocks and as soon as he/she has mastered this, he/she also puts the blocks back together again.
This material also supports the child’s perception of shape, since the blocks should always be screwed together in the same way.

Plug-in puzzle

Objective: Promote fine motor skills and shape perception

Material: Hape Wooden Peg Puzzle*, basket

Preparation: The colorful wooden pieces are placed in the basket, which is placed on the left side of the tray, and the plug-in board is placed to the right.

Execution: The child places the wooden pieces on the sticks. This requires some skill, because the parts must not only be put on, but also turned twice to be able to be put down. To make it easier for the child to get started, you can start with just one stick and the appropriate type of blocks, then work your way up to the full game using two sticks.
This material not only helps with motor skills but can also be used to develop shape perception.

Wooden Peg Puzzle
First stickers

First stickers

Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination and pincer grasp

Material: Colorful stickers*, paper

Preparation: A paper with stickers and a white paper are placed next to each other on a tray.

Execution: The child peels off one sticker after the other and sticks it on the white paper.

Open up

Objective: Promote fine motor skills

Material: Lock board from Melissa and Doug*

Preparation: All the locks are closed and the board is then placed on a tray or directly in the cupboard.

Execution: The child practices opening the different locks. When finished, an adult checks that all the locks have been closed again and places the board back on the tray or in the cupboard.

Open up

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