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Visual Perception - 12 month

2 Pieces Puzzle

Objective: Promote eye-hand coordination and visual perception

Material: 2 pieces puzzle*

Preparation: Place the two puzzle pieces in the basket and place it on the tray to the left. Place the two frames on the right side of the tray.

Activity: The child places the two puzzle pieces in the frames provided and learns to estimate the proportions of the two circles. Afterwards, the puzzle pieces are put back into the basket.

2 pieces puzzle
1 piece puzzle book

1 piece puzzle book


Objective: Visual perception and eye-hand coordination

Material: Puzzle book*, basket

Preparation: The puzzle pieces are taken from the puzzle book and placed in a basket. The basket is placed on the left side of the tray and the puzzle book on the right side.

Execution: The child assigns the puzzle pieces to the corresponding puzzle sides and inserts the respective puzzle piece. The puzzle pieces are then put back into the basket.

Recognizing people

Objective: Promote visual and auditory perception

Material: Laminator*, pictures of people known to the child, printer

Preparation: Pictures of people known to the child, such as siblings, grandma, dad, mom or the child itself are printed and laminated. The corners are then rounded to prevent the child from injuring him/herself on the sharp corners.

Execution: The child is given the pictures in a basket and can look at them. When the child is a bit older and can speak first words, you can ask: “Who is that?” “Where is grandma?”,… and the child answers or points to the picture.

Recognizing people

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